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Black-eyed Susan 'Cherry Brandy'

Bleeding Heart 'Gold Heart'

Sorry, may not have in 2016. A gold twist on a favorite classic! Golden foliage glows in the shade garden with rosy pink heart-shaped flowers then matures into chartreuse-green by mid-Summer. Smaller than the classic version. Low maintenance, tolerates dense shade. Perfect for under large shade trees, shaded beds, borders and woodland gardens. Deer and rabbit resistant. Attracts hummingbirds.

Bleeding Heart - Old Fashioned

Popular and classic for the shade garden. Unique deep pink heart-shaped flowers with white droplets nod on graceful arching stems of green foliage. Low maintenance and likes moist well-drained soils. Perfect among hostas, ferns, coral bells and other shade plants. Deer and rabbit resistant.

Cardinal Flower

Blazing red flowers bloom for weeks on green foliage. This is an easy non-demanding plant. Tolerates wet areas so it is ideal near ponds, stream edges and wetland areas. Prefers some shade but can do well in sun. Beautiful in garden borders and as a cut flower. Hummingbirds love it. Also attracts butterflies.

Cardinal Flower 'Fan Scarlet'

Sorry, not available in 2016. Vivid scarlet flowers adorn dense upright spikes. Purple/bronze foliage. Magnet for hummingbirds and butterflies.

Cheddar Pinks 'Firewitch'

Tough, beautiful and easy to grow. Lots of bright magenta flowers over icy blue foliage. Outstanding groundcover, especially on dry slopes. Ideal for cottage gardens, rock gardens and along walkways. Deer resistant. Attracts butterflies.

Cheddar Pinks 'Frosty Fire'

Coneflower 'Magnus'

Beautiful large deep pink-purple flowers bloom July - October. Perennial Plant of the Year recipient.

Coneflower 'Ruby Star'

Sorry, not available in 2016. Improved version of Magnus. Carmine-red petals are held straight from the center cone. Nice in massed plantings, borders, containers and as a cut flower. Deer resistant.

Daylily - Stella de Oro

Re-blooming variety. Used for edging, cut flowers, massing over large areas, color accents, borders, backgrounds and in containers. Daylilies can crowd out weeds and form a dense ground cover.