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'Touch me' Silvermound seems to beg. It is prized for its leaves and excellent texture. Silvermound is one of the best silver-grey foliage plants that can be used everywhere in the garden.

Spanish Bluebells 'Dainty Maid'

Spotted Dead Nettle 'Ghost'

Larger than other Lamium varieties. The contrast between the bright orchid flowers set against the silver foliage is a sight to see. Maintains its color throughout the Summer.

Spotted Dead Nettle 'Red Nancy'

Spotted Dead Nettle 'White Nancy'

White Snakeroot 'Chocolate'

Mmmm, yummy! Can't eat it but it sure looks good with deep purple foliage and shiny purple stems. Nice contrast to the white flowers that bloom for weeks in Fall. Native Plant of the Year award winner.

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