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Blue Fescue 'Elijah Blue'

One of the bluest of the blue fescues and best known ornamental fescue grass. Its powder blue foliage forms a small dense mound.

Flame Grass 'Purpurascens'

A knockout grass in the Fall with orange-red foliage as the backdrop to its silvery plumes. Easy to grow. Deer resistant.

Giant Spiral Rush 'Unicorn'

2016: We will not have Unicorn but a similar version called Big Twister. Conversation piece with its round stem-like leaves. Superb foliage is highly valued in flower arrangements. Foliage adds interest to garden or container. Plant this where it can be noticed!

Golden Hakone Grass 'Aureola'

Sorry, not available. A shade garden delight! Rich golden variegated blades cascade in an arching form, creating a waterfall effect.

Japanese Sedge Grass 'Evergold'

Sorry, not available.

Japanese Silver Grass

Malepartus has a lot to offer. It is an early bloomer and is best known for its huge pink-purple plumes over an arching mound of dark green leaves.

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