Sweet Mock Orange

Price : $4.97
Type: Shrub
Light: Full sun to Part Sun
Size: 15-20; 7-14 spread

Sweet Mock OrangePhiladelphus coronarius

An old-fashion favorite, it is an exceptionally fragrant flowering addition to the Spring landscape. The aptly named Sweet Mock Orange bears an orange blossom scent with showy white flowers and orange stamens in late Spring and early Summer.

This fast growing fountain-like shrub can be used as a specimen plant or plant several for a flowering screen or hedge. It is adaptable to a wide range of soils but can't tolerate 'wet feet' for long. It can easily be pruned to maintain a low stature.

The Sweet Mock Orange is a popular shrub in gardens due to their reliable display and blossoms. Plant in full sun for the most flowers.

1 gallon pot